Virtually Symptom Free

I realized yesterday that I had not written to update the status of my physical state since I discussed the acknowledgement of God’s power over the physical as well as the spiritual.  If anyone wants a reference for what what we’re talking about here, check out my Technical Difficulties  and my Last Lesson from “Captivating” posts. 

When writing those posts, I had been battling overwhelming physical symptoms in a lot of random areas, to the point that I was worried they were about to become debilitating.  A few of my symptoms at that point had been going on for years, but this year a lot of fun additions had been occuring, and rapidly worsening for several months. 

Through the lessons mentioned in the other referenced posts, I had started treating each physical symptom as a spiritual attack, immediately claiming the power of Christ’s sacrifice and the authority that He gave us over evil, in addition to praying to God for healing.  I know this sounds crazy…especially if you’re not a Christian.  But Christ did give His followers authority over evil, and our skeptical society has caused even Christians to roll their eyes at this kind of talk.  When you begin to speak of demons purposefully causing people pain and suffering, people start dismissing you off-hand.  Well, dismiss me if you like, but I know what I know.  I know that before I started rebuking the power of evil in Jesus’ name and asking God for healing, I had been feeling worse and worse for months.  And I know that after I started doing this, my symptoms went on a dramatic down-swing, and are now all but gone.  I no longer have the shooting pains in my head, the terrible headaches, the dizzy spells, the blurred vision, the tremors, the twitches, the fatigue, the random other pains or any of the many other crazy things I had going on.  The only lingering symptom is one I have had since I was a teenager (general body aches) and it’s even decreased. 

I know that there is an extreme this can be taken to, and someone could read this and take it to mean that if we just had enough faith and prayed enough, we could get rid of all of the bad things in our lives.  It could be interpreted that I’m saying there’s a demon under every rock, hiding our keys from us and making us sick.  I don’t think this…I think that discernment is gained through prayer and intimacy with God.  Only through maintaining a relationship with Him can you know if something is a spiritual attack or just plain life happening.  I think most of us take this to the other extreme, though, and treat nothing as a spiritual attack.  When we do this, we deny God’s power and allow Satan a stronghold to get working on.  We just live in our trouble, not realizing we have been given the authority to get out of it.

I’m feeling like I’m saying words that are not strong enough to convey how important I think this is, and like I’m not really getting my point across or like I’m leaving something out.  I’m not sure.  I just wanted to give God the glory publicly for my healing.

I also want to say that I think there was a lot that went into this healing.  My boyfriend had been praying for me rigorously, and had been encouraging me to do the same for months before God opened my eyes to the spiritual implications of my physical problems.  I also wrote my Technical Difficulties post before I came to this kind of understanding.  I think there were many factors necessary for all of it to occur.    I’ll mention things that I know were definitely all necessary, but I cannot exclude the fact that there are probably tons of other miniscule things that had to happen.  Consider this a skeleton list.  First, someone else praying for me with a belief that I did not have at that point.  Second, my opening up about my difficulties and being humbled by asking for help.  Third, listening to God’s voice when urged to read a book that I did not have any interest in reading, which led to the breakdown in my mental blinders to God’s power.  Fourth, acting on this newly rejuvenated faith with constant prayer.  And the fifth, I believe, is no less important…giving God the props for it. 

Here’s to You, God.



  1. Kim said,

    July 16, 2007 at 9:59 pm

    Hey Fred, I’ve tagged you on my blog as a Rockin Girl Blogger. I love reading your blog and are so glad to call you sister! Love, Kim

  2. July 26, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    God does heal, but he doesn’t always choose to do so. He knows what is best for each individual.

    I’m glad you’re better. Thanks for not putting a guilt trip on those who have prayed and not been healed.

  3. Mary said,

    August 14, 2007 at 10:23 am

    HI. I found your blog by googling “dizzy spell, spiritual”
    At the end of the day at work, my friend and I were just saying good night and suddenly, a wave of dizziness came over me so that I took a few side steps and had to hold on to the wall. I just said to my friend that I had a weird dizzy spell and she replied, “I just got dizzy too.” We are both christians. I also have fibro myalgia but as a result of lyme disease. I will be praying. I believe you. See my post: “flare” on April 1. Thanks for writing this.

  4. Fiona said,

    January 27, 2008 at 4:12 am

    my mother sometimes goes through those searing sensations, and I often feel swiped in the back so hard that i’m jolted severly forwarded. This only happened when we became interested in the psychic world, and has increased so ever since we became born again christians, which was only about 12 wks ago. It seems so crazy to the non-christian, we were freaked when it started happening to us. Now with the authority given by Jesus, my mum and I can command these inflictions to leave us when they occur. and it works!!
    thanks to God for delivering us!

  5. March 27, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    […] I had that I started trying to target in prayer.  If you don’t, you can read about it here.  After a season of consistent prayer and improvement, God impressed upon me a course of action […]

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