Today, I had two 3 yr. old boys.  I babysit these two pretty regularly…they’re not twins.  It’s a little man I keep and his buddy from down the street.  Now that the sister is back in school, the mom feels guilty about leaving him unless he has a kid to play with, so she gets the other little guy to come over for a play-date while I’m there. 

Well, the kid I keep regularly is pretty funny, and his friend from down the street is hysterical.  That one made it onto my “Kids Are Funny” post 3 times.  The other day, they were “working” on stuff in the house with their little kid toys and play tool belts on.  This little guy comes out of the bathroom with this:

“Hey, Connie!” 

Me: “Yes?”

“What’s a potty worker called?”

Me: “A plumber.”

“OK, well, we’re being plumbers.” 

Yay for plumbers!  Well, they continued working on other things in the house, and everything was either cracked or leaking, but mostly both.  They’re working dialogue is great.  I wish you could hear it.  You would hear things like, “We’re really going to have to get somebody in here to look at that,” and “Uh-oh, do you see that water going everywhere?”  Priceless.

You would also hear the little man from down the street telling me about his parents going to “San Fra-Crisco” and how he was going to have a “Space Shovel” birthday party.

But this is the best.  I don’t sit and stare at them the whole time I’m there, you know.  I let them play in the bedroom by themselves some, and I have the monitor on so I can still hear everything they say.  Today, they started singing…it was something pretty much unintelligible, but somehow still hilarious, about rainbows and lumberjacks.   Then I hear one of them say, “I’m going to get Connie,” and this was quickly done.  They emerged to tell me they were going to put on a “movie,” and I was needed for the audience.  The “movie” turned out to be more like a concert of them singing and playing instruments. 

I should tell you now that what is dubbed “Potty Talk” is not allowed in this household.  You know, words like doo-doo, poo-poo, tee-tee, etc.  I never quite got why all of these words needed to be the same syllable repeated, but it seems to work that way, doesn’t it?  Well, they were about to start their first number, and were discussing what it should be, when through red-faced, giggling such as can only be heard from a 3 yr. old boy, one of them said, “Let’s do the poopy song.”  Obviously, this was followed by much more giggling.  I am admitting to you now that I did not have the heart to censor the potty talk at this moment…they were having so much fun.  So, I let them begin the song, which to my surprise, ended up being something of a mixture between “Jesus Loves Me” and lyrics full of all of the words mentioned above as well as any others you can imagine fitting into the potty talk category, such as “pooty,” “tooty,” “doody,” “pee-pee” and more.  I have to confess that I was laughing hysterically more than anything else.  I’m sure Jesus would understand. 

These guys are just great.  I know they’re only 3, but I swear that a testosterone rush is the first thing that happens when they get together.  My regular kid will be completely normal, and when down-the-street kid shows up, there is an immediate discourse almost exclusively about whose muscles are bigger (I’m not kidding!), poopy and garbage, followed by a succession of, ummmm, potty noises, to put it tactfully.

When asked what they would like to do, a very adament pronouncement of, “Eat garbage!!” has been heard more than once.  This is usually followed by discussions about how they like to eat garbage because they’re boys and boys like gross things.

Boys, indeed, will be boys.


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  1. zephaniah317 said,

    September 6, 2007 at 11:01 am

    …and even into adulthood, when you get a guy alone, he’s usuallly a pretty nice guy. Get the same guy in a group of guys (can we come up with a name for this group, like a murder of crows or a crash of rhinos or a flock of geese, something like that?), and he becomes a GUY. I’ve seen it, experienced it, and participated as well. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes, it’s a CRUDE thing, as you have seen first hand. 🙂

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