My Mistake(s)

If you know me, you know that I am a perfectionist, at least in the realm of doing the things I am supposed to do on time and without prompting.  I consider myself to be ultra-responsible.  I expect to remember correctly the things I am required to do, and then to do them.   Well, I think it must be the stress, but this month has been my month of mess-ups.  They’re not drastic mess-ups, but for me, it’s a lot, and the list keeps growing.

The first was this: Sometimes my catering boss has me stop at a quantity food/restaurant supply store closer to where I live on the way in to work, because her house is completely out of the way from it.  It’s a time-saver for me to just stop on my way in.  Last Monday was one of those days…she e-mailed me the shopping list as usual.  So, Monday morning, I happily show up at her house at 9AM on the dot as usual with absolutely NO cargo, because I completely forgot I was supposed to go.  Strike 1.

The second:  I had been scheduled to work a catering event this past Thursday night for at least two weeks.  Well, Wednesday I get a phone call from a lady I babysit for frequently, and she says, “I was just letting you know that we won’t need you to come tomorrow night because my grandmother passed away, and we will be going out of town.”  Ummm, OK.  I did not comment on the fact that I had absolutely no record or memory of the fact I was supposed to babysit for her on Thursday night, or on the fact that I most definitely would have left her in the lurch because I was scheduled to cater!  So, I’m thinking, “I’m sorry about your grandmother, but how convenient for me.”  (That’s a joke, OK?  I really am sad for her.)  I would say that God was covering for me since it all ended up being fine, but then that would be like saying that God killed her grandmother so that I wouldn’t have a schedule complication.  🙂  Anyway, I have never once double-booked myself with jobs before.  Strike 2.

Then today, I am balancing my checkbook with my online banking.  I go through everything and see that the payment I wrote down in my checkbook for my cell phone bill has not gone through, and I paid it on the 5th…at least, according to my checkbook.  So, I go log on to my online cell phone account, and sure enough, “Past Due” is stamped all over everything in red once I log in.  Oops.  So, I pretended to pay it, I guess?  Just wrote it down in my checkbook, and thought the money would magically float to the proper place.  I have also never once thought I paid a bill that I did not.  Strike 3. 

And then yesterday, I went to pick up the key to my new place.  My landlord has a mailbox at a privately owned mail center here in Nashville.  He had arranged it that I was supposed to go there and give them my rent check, and they would give me the key whenever I was ready to get it, so that we would not have to coordinate our schedules.  So, I went after working at the farm.  First of all, I have been there before, and thought I would be able to find it no problem.  This turned out NOT to be the case, and I drove around in circles for like 20 minutes, of course, getting more and more frustrated as I go.  I was in a time crunch, also, because, having just worked at the farm, I was quite dirty, and had just about enough time to go take a shower before I had to babysit.  Need I mention that the mail center is closed on the weekends, so this is my only opportunity to pick up the key before I am supposed to move on Sunday, with scheduled help and all.  Not getting the key is not an option.  Well, about the time I was getting REALLY frustrated, I vocalized out-loud, “OK, God, where is this place?”  I turned down a turn-around street I had not “turned around” on yet, and there was a massive sign with the address spelled out.  Yes, I knew the address and still could not find it.  It’s this little place down an alley (not on the main street of the address!).  But there it was, staring me down, seconds after I asked God for help.  Thanks, God!!  I go in, give the lady my check, she brings the key out, and I leave, at which point, I realize that I also MUST get gas before going to babysit or I will not get there.  I go get gas, and am almost to my house when I think, “Where did I put that key?”  Let me say that at this point, I was getting to my house at what I considered the last possible moment for showering and making it to babysit on time.  I’m still in my car now, but I check my pockets, check my purse, check my key-ring.  Guess what?  No key.  I totally gave the people my check and left the key laying on the counter.  Brilliant me!  Strike 4?!  As stated before, not getting the key is not an option, so I must turn around and go back to the mail center.  At least, now I knew where it was.  I miraculously made it to get the key and still got to my babysitting gig on time, with a big sigh of relief once I arrived at my destination. 

Clearly, I need to relax.  Breathe, Connie, breathe!  I think the problem is that I have already moved and done everything I need to do in my head, but my body has not yet completed the tasks.  I think my brain has stopped sending the messages!  I am actually really excited about my move, and once I get out of my old place, I think I will calm down, because all of the things I need to do there are enjoyable to me…setting stuff up and arranging it, getting everything just how I like it. 

It’s my month for mistakes, but I think that’s good for me, because it curbs my intolerance for other people’s.  And I have an abundance of that.  I am ever derisive to those who make continued oversights.  A little dose of humility is just what I need!



  1. Kris said,

    October 29, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    I am reminded of a great saying of our lives…

    Don’t worry. Be happy!

    Totally gay, but hopefully helpful.

  2. zephaniah317 said,

    October 30, 2007 at 7:46 pm

    They say something goes when you hit your thirties, but I forget what it is. 🙂

  3. zephaniah317 said,

    October 31, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    BTW, I just noticed upon second look that it seems that you forgot to categorize this post! Strike 5? (sorry, that was uncalled for…I’m only kidding…hang in there!) 🙂

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