On a Bad Day…

OK, so most of the people who know me are aware that I am, ahem…forthright.  On a good day, this is generally an asset for me.  On a bad day, it sometimes gets me in trouble, i.e. my bluntness makes people mad at me, and thereby my bad day just gets worse.  But yesterday the opposite happened.

I was at deli with some friends, ordering a sandwich that was $6.35.  I’m thinking this is pretty expensive for a sandwich and I had already had a somewhat frustrating day.  So, after I ordered it, the following conversation ensued:

Me: “What comes with that?”

Deli Guy: “Chips and a pickle.”

Me: “Can I get something besides chips?”

Deli Guy: “Yes.  For 99 cents, you can get pasta…”

Me (interrupting): “What if I don’t want to pay 99 cents?” (You know, I’m already thinking I’m paying an awful lot for a sandwich.)

Deli Guy: “Then you get chips.”

Me: “What if I don’t want chips?”

Deli Guy: “Then I won’t give you chips.”

Me: “Am I still paying for the chips?”

Deli Guy: “Yes.”

Me: “So, I have to get the chips or I’m paying for nothing?”

Deli Guy: “Yes.”

Me: “Give me the chips.”  But before I moved on, I added, “I’m sorry.  I’m just grouchy.  It’s not your fault.”

So, we went and sat down and ate.  The deli had slowed down a bit by now and we were in conversation, when all of a sudden a hand appears in front of me with a bowl of fruit.  I look up, and it’s the deli guy.  He sets it down, and says, “I hope your day gets better,” and disappears.

And my day did get better, thanks to him.



Sometimes in my ignorant rebellion,

I chase You away with chocolate and caffeine and television.

They numb the senses, soothe…no, smother the soul

With their indulgent decadence.

So seemingly innocuous,

Yet so addictive –

Like porn and liquor and heroine.

They are used in the same manner

To gain the same ends…

To gain the “I want” now

And lose the “I win” later.

So, instead, I lose a day, an hour, a year with You…

And slowly become a Christian vegetable.