Just Reiterating

A reminder of the origins of my blog title:

Taste the Sea

A glint, a gleam, the hint of a seam

Connecting, correcting the crack.

The ocean, the massive, rejecting the passive;

Accepting, protecting the cast—

The cast-away from the pre-staged play,

Refusing, profusely the role

Of body as puppet, of life as a muppet,

Confusing, abusing the soul.

Adventurous journey, tumultuous turning

To travel, unravel the myth—

Expose the mystery of imposing history—

The sameness, the lameness of this.

My fistful showing of wistful hoping,

The standard I’m handed, a fake.

You say it’s a dream, I’ll say what I mean.

This cistern, this fissure, this lake—

I think that it’s frosting, I think I’ll be crossing

To some shore to find more of me.

So, I’ll dare the fray, I’m more scared to stay.

You waste it; I’ll taste the sea.


There will be a folllow-up about why I wanted to re-post this.  Coming soon….



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  1. October 27, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    Connie – I stumbled across Taste the Sea by accident, as I Goggled “bundle of appetites” and “an open mouth” in order to find the correct spelling and root of “nephesh.” I love your blog! But I’m sad to see that your archive stops with December 2008. Could it be that I found your blog only after you wearied of writing or keeping up the site? (I know the feeling – especially when no one will read what I have to say, or at least they don’t comment on them.) What I’ve read is sharp, intellectual, and wonderful. I love to see your faith in your writings; I hope to find a published book by you out there somewhere! Please continue. Be encouraged. You have an amazing writing ability (and your art is phenomenal, too). I invite you to check out my own simple blog at http://www.lifeattheridge.com/martysblog/ which is attached to my church’s website. I will be pouring through your archive, and hope we can visit via e-mail sometime.

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