Questioning Government

I’m not much into politics.  I don’t really follow it.  I do know that my boyfriend thinks Ron Paul is the only candidate out there worth looking at, but this post really isn’t about him so much.  It’s about the attitude of the two people on this newscast.  Watch the video below and then see what I think about all of that.  (It’s only about 3 minutes long.)

The attitudes of these women angers and saddens me.  Whether you believe that 911 was an inside job or not (it’s worth looking into), blind trust in ANY government is never a good idea.  Whatever you think about the Founding Fathers, this was the reason they established the government as they did, so that you COULD question it.  So that the people were in charge of it and not the other way around.  Because they had seen what unlimited power in the government did to societies and individuals. 

Also, the fact that these ladies say Ron Paul should have told the 911 Truth-ers to “Bug Off” shows an incredible intolerance to anyone who doesn’t think exactly as they do.  Since when is it a good idea for a presidential candidate to alienate any group of people whether they agree with them or not?  Their attitudes, their comments and their blatant mocking of Ron Paul makes this newscast seem more like a gossip session than a political commentary, with a severe lack of insight and a definite lack of respect for a man who is not some “fringe” candidate, but an upstanding citizen.  Whatever else he is, he has been a flight surgeon in the US Airforce, an obstetrician, and served more than one term and over several decades in the United States Congress.  Although his ideas might not be popular amongst heads of state, he is clearly not demented or deluded or crazy.  You just have to watch him in an interview or a debate to see that.  You would think that his history and demeanor would ensure a certain amount of security from simply being seen as a laughable public figure; a joke; someone to be dismissed as ridiculous. 

I want to add here that I know I have been guilty of simply bad-mouthing people I did not agree with in the past.  I’m sure that I will again be guilty of it in the future.  I hope that is not what I am doing here.

 So, go think for yourself.  Question.  I’m not saying you have to support Ron Paul or that you have to believe 911 was an inside job.  Just go figure out what you DO support or what you DO believe.  For yourself.