I felt the first earthquake in my life last night. 

I was a little shaken up afterwards. 


Kids Are Funny II

Here is the post you have all been waiting for.  I like to delude myself into thinking that people are interested in my emotional ramblings and artistic endeavors, but I really know that everyone is just waiting for some more funny kid quotes.  🙂

From a 3 yr. old while saying goodbye to me:

 3 yr. old: “I like your eyeball.”

Me: “Thanks.”

3 yr. old: “I want to eat it.” 

Ummmm.  OK.

Conversation with a 3 yr. old:

3 yr. old:  “Do you like to be alone?”

Me: “Sometimes.  Do you like to be alone?”

3 yr. old: “Ummm, only if there is someone with me.”

Conversation with a 3 yr. old:

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

3 yr. old: “A fireman.”

Me: “Oh – are you going to fight fires and stuff?”

3 yr. old, upon getting a terrified look up on his face, “Nooooo.  I’m going to be a pretend fireman.”

Noble profession, that.

Conversation with a 5 yr. old while he is trying to teach me how to hold a golf club:

5 yr. old: “You have to hold it like this because you get more leverage.”

Me: “OK.”

5 yr. old: “Leverage is something that makes you stronger than you really are.  But I don’t really know how it works.”

Conversation with a 5 yr. old:

Me: “What is your favorite thing to do?”

5 yr. old: “Pet kitties.”  ********short pause******** “No, wait…shoot guns.” 

Hmmm…pet kitties…shoot guns.  MPD anyone?  🙂

Talk About a Bad Day

This is actually a story about something that happened last summer, but it was such an unbelievable series of unfortunate events, I decided I had to write about it.

I was working for my catering boss, and we did not have an event, so we were just in the office at her house.  She got a phone call from the bank telling her that one of her accounts was overdrawn, which was impossible because she had plenty of money in that account.  She was just getting it figured out that she was a victim of identity theft when her husband came in and said he was trying to load one of the cars up on the trailer to take it to the shop, but he needed help steering while he pushed it up off of the grass onto the driveway.  Well, she had just entered freak-out mode, and said, “I can’t do that right now!”  So, she’s calling the bank back and I went down to help her husband with the car thing.  The car was not running (hence the trip to the shop), so he pushed, while I steered it up onto the driveway.  He had a truck down the driveway a bit with the trailer hooked up to the back of it, and because their driveway is on a slope, he was able to position the truck & trailer so that he could just coast the car up onto the trailer.  I thought that was pretty clever.  We got it up onto the driveway, and then he asked if I would go sit in the truck and hold the brake down to make sure it did not shift when the car hit the trailer.  So, I did, and his plan worked brilliantly…coasted right onto the trailer, no problem.  I’m walking back up to the house when I hear muffled yelling and banging on the car window.  His plan DID have a flaw.  He did not take into consideration that the trailer had rails on the side, and was now unable to open the door wide enough to get out of the car.  Ummm, uh-oh.  Did I mention it was the middle of summer?  90+ degrees.  And he is neither particularly young, nor particularly small.  A bad combo for being stuck in a car in mid-summer with the windows rolled up.  And of course, the battery was also dead in addition to the car’s other problems, and he could not just roll the power windows down.  It was also not positioned in such a way that you would be able to pull a car beside it to jump it off…the driveway is surrounded by brush at that point.  So, we formulate a plan.  He tells me there is one of those free-standing car battery jumper things in the basement.  He tells me approximately where it is, but in their barely navigable basement, that was still no easy task.  I finally found it, and one of the wheels was broken off, so I had to carry this heavy thing about 100 feet down the driveway to where the car was.  OK, we’re making progress, but it has to be plugged into an outlet to work, so now begins the search for multiple extension cords that will reach that far down the driveway.  I knew where one was in the house, so I ran in to get it, and I also had one in my trunk.  Still not long enough, so he has to tell me where another one is in the basement…another task of de-burying it and following it to find the other end.  At about this point, my catering boss starts calling me incessantly on my cell phone because she is still freaking out about her money and is wondering what is taking me so long.  I decided that getting her husband out of the car was more important, so I just ignored it.  I get everything hooked up to the car battery, charge it up, and he’s able to roll the windows down.  Success!  I have to admit that I was a little worried about the climbing out the window situation based on the facts I mentioned above about him, but he made it happen.  Whew.  Now, I know that worst come to worst, we could have broken a window.  Of course, that was not the most desirable option. 

Anyway, I go back inside and my boss is wondering where the heck I’ve been so I just tell her I was busy saving her husband’s life (OK, OK, I know that’s a bit dramatic).  So now, she has to go to the bank to get everything sorted out.  But in the meantime, she has paid a dental bill that morning with a check that is now going to bounce because of this issue.  She called the place, and they said as long as she brought some other form of payment by 3PM, it would not be a problem.  Since it was looking like our day was not going to be productive work-wise, she just asked if I would just leave early and pay it for her on my way home so that she could get to the bank.  No problem.  So, she leaves, and her husband is now gone with the truck, trailer & car.  I get in my car with her other check to take to the dentist, and my car won’t start.  Nothing.  Well, now that I know where the battery charger is, I go get it and try that out.  Still nothing.  It is after 2PM at this point, and I have to be at the dentist with her check by 3.  It takes 30 minutes to get there.  I made the call just to take one of her catering vans, pay her bill and then come back to deal with my car.  So, that’s what I did and I bought a new battery on the way back to her house.  I got there with it and changed it myself even though I had no idea what I was doing.  She got home in the meantime, and then the police came to take a report from her while I was changing the battery.  He looked at me a little crazy. 

Man, was I relieved when I left her house that day.  It was stress-central!  But then to top it off, on my way home, I opened the sun-visor in my car while the windows were down in my car (my air conditioning doesn’t work), only to have the FM transmitter for my mp3 player, which I had sitting above the sun-visor, fly out the window on the interstate.   Thankfully, it was not hooked up to the mp3 player at the time or they both would’ve gone.

And THAT was a really bad day.

Craig’s List Laughs

If you don’t know what Craig’s List is, it is an online trading post of sorts, with classified ads for jobs, items for sale, events and many other things.  They have sections for different cities all over.  I like to call it “the place where you can find all of the things you never knew you needed.”  Well, I am a Craig’s List Junkie, and I often find posts that amuse me.  I found one today that I could not pass up sharing, even though the listing could be taken down at some point, so the link below might end up going nowhere.  This cracked me up:

All right, the link finally was removed.  So sad…but for those of you who missed it, it was an ad for selling an “Anne Klein Crystal Embezzled Pink Watch.” 

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this ad?  Or perhaps there is a definition that I am not aware of for the word in question?

Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Nanny-ing Too Much

1. People have to tell you when you have Blue’s Clues stickers stuck to your pants.

2. You tell more stories about your nanny kids than most of your friends tell about their own.

3. “Boo-boo” and “potty” have become part of your regular vocabulary.

4. The theme song from “Little Einsteins” is frequently stuck in your head.

5. The kids you are nanny-ing call you “mommy” on a regular basis.

6. You use your sweater as a kleenex when there are none available.

7. You count chasing the kids around the house as exercise.

8. You eat what the kids left on their plate and consider it a meal.

9. “Nap-time” means you get to fall asleep on the kid’s floor while they play in their bed.

10. You think you have to decide between peanut butter & jelly or macaroni when you start thinking about what you want to cook for dinner.

Cabin Adventures (aka Can I Get Some Water, Please?!)

For the second edition of cabin adventures, I would like to share the saga of the water.  It all started, well, the day I moved in.  When my moving helpers and I first arrived at the house, one of the girls needed to use the restroom.  However, it was quickly determined that there was no running water.  Now, I am savvy enough to check whether a place has running water before I rent it, and I knew it had when I came to look.  So, I called the landlord and asked if I need to go turn it on somewhere.  He told me how to go down to the pump house and turn on the valve for the cabin.  No problem.  To continue this story, I really need to go backwards.  See, when I came to look at the place, he was telling me that the cabin and the other house on the property used to both run off of well water.  However, this past summer, what with our drought and all, the well ran dry.  So, to supply water to his renters (he rents out both the house and the cabin), he had gotten a 550 gallon tank, which he left on a flatbed trailer.  He would hook the trailer up to his truck when the tank ran out, drive it down to the city water supply, fill it up, bring it back, park it by the pump house, and then hook the well pump in such a way that it would pull the water from the tank.  I knew this sounded like trouble, but he had already started the process of getting the city water run to the property, so I figured it would be a short run on the possibility of running out of water, and him saying he couldn’t go get it just now or something of that nature.  But, back to the story at hand….

He tells me how to go turn the water on down at the pump house, but then says something like this:  “You probably noticed that extra toilet sitting in the cabin.”  (Ummm, yes, sitting in the middle of the floor in the one room of my cabin.)  “Well, see, your toilet has a leak, so if you don’t mind, just until I can get that new toilet put in, if you could go down to there to the pump house and turn the water off when you’re not using it, and definitely when you go to bed or leave for work or anything, that would be great.  The leak in the toilet will drain the tank in a night if your water is left on, and I’m in Colorado right now.” 

Greeaaaaat.  You can imagine my follow-up question.  “Can’t I just shut the valve at the base of the toilet off to stem the tide?” 

“No, no, that valve doesn’t work.  You’ll just have to go down to the pump house and turn it off when you’re not using it or else you’ll run out of water.”

Which also means that I will have to go down to the pump house to turn it ON when I DO want to use it.  ***Sigh***

Did I mention that my landlord said he was in Colorado because he had a relative dying of cancer?  I’m not really feeling like I should push the issue right now. 

OK, landlord, I can handle this until you get the toilet fixed.  So, imagine me, after getting ready for bed, bundling up (it was already cold by then), walking the 100 feet or so down my driveway by the dark woods with my flashlight to the pump house to turn the water off for the night, opening the door to the dark and scary pump house only to have a bat fly out at me.  A bat, indeed.  I fell down and dropped my flashlight, it scared me so badly!  From that point on, I opened the door, and stood back before I started sticking my head in the door! 

Then, if I wanted to shower or wash dishes, I had to run down to turn the water on, then back down to turn it off afterwards.  I mean, I really preferred not to run out of water, and was, therefore, trying to abide by this rule. 

Let’s just say that I got really good at doing everything that I needed to do with water at one time.  I would come home, turn the water on when I drove up.  Fill up my handy dandy Berkey water filter so I had enough water to drink, fill up a few pitchers for use during cooking, etc., shower if I chose, and so on, and then go back down and turn it off.  In the mornings, I did not even usually turn it on before I left for work.  I would have enough water ready to make coffee and pitchers to wash my face and brush my teeth.  Running down to the pump house was just too much to ask in the mornings! 

Because of the fear of running out of water, I began filling up jugs of drinking water as my Berkey filtered it.  Just in case, you know.  And then one morning, after about three days of being here, I noticed that the tank was quite low, and called my landlord (still in Colorado) to tell him that I was pretty sure we (meaning me and the people in what I have dubbed “the big house”) were going to run out of water that day.  He called me back, and left me a message saying he put calls out to a couple of people who had hitches and could haul the trailer down to get the tank filled back up for him.  Well, I did run out of water, approximately an hour later.  Of course, this was the day that I had pre-planned to be home all day and work on un-packing.  Which I still did, just with the little hitch of having no running water!  I had enough drinking water put aside for the day, and enough to brush teeth, etc.  One of the people he had called filled the tank back up at around 10 PM that night.  Whew. 

So, all this time, the landlord is really appreciative of me not putting up a fuss about stuff, and keeps reassuring me that the city water would be hooked up soon and so on.  I could see where they were laying the pipes along the road, so I mean, there was definitely progress going on.  Finally, the day comes when the city water is run to the cut-off point at the street, and my landlord attempts to hook it all up, only to find that there is some sort of break in the line (on his end, not the city’s), which must be fixed before the city water can be utilized.  However, now the landlord just runs a water hose from the city hook-up at the street to the 550 gallon tank, and I can run down to the hook-up at the street and turn it on myself to fill up the tank.  No more waiting on someone to haul the tank back and forth.  That’s a relief.  At least I won’t run out of water again. 


 A few days after this wonderful breakthrough, and having control of how much water I can use without having to worry about rationing, I start to note that it seems I am having to fill up the tank far more frequently than it used to have to be filled, say, like twice a day instead of every three days or so.  I’m just thinking that the people at the big house are going crazy on water usage now that it’s not limited.  The tank and the pump house are closer to the cabin than the big house, so I thought that maybe they didn’t know how often I was having to go down and refill it.  Then I find out that they have called the landlord because they are having to fill it so frequently.  So, if we both think we’re having to fill it way more often than we should, obviously something is wrong.  One of the underground pipes has apparently sprung a huge leak somewhere. 

The landlord, in the meantime, had at least fixed my toilet so that I wasn’t having to go down and turn the water off and on in order to conserve it, although it was approximately one month after I moved in. 

So, now, because of the leak, I run out of water all the time.  Run down to the street to turn it on and fill the tank up, go turn it off, use the water I need, and a few hours later the tank is empty again.  I’m thinking this is going to equal a massive water bill for the landlord!  After enough calls from me and the people at the big house, the landlord finally just tells us we can just leave the water running where it fills up the tank so that no one will run out.  So, as its gushing out in the ground wherever the leak is, at least it is re-filling the tank at the same time. 

However, before he decided this, I had a group of friends over.  This was at the beginning of when we noted the constant filling of the tank, but the water had been working steadily for several days.  Until that day.  The day I was going to have people over, of course.  I got home to find there was no running water.  We went down to the tank, and it had water in it.  We couldn’t figure out why if there was water IN the tank, it would not be working in the house.  I called the landlord, but could only leave him a message.  My boyfriend went to the store and bought gallons of water, figuring it was only polite to offer guests use of water to drink, wash hands, flush toilets, etc.  So, I had my party with no running water.  No one seemed to mind.  🙂 

We figured out later that it was not working because the leak was hemhorraging so fast that the pump could not hold any pressure even when there was water in the tank, which is what makes it kick in when you turn the faucet on.  This was when the landlord finally conceded that we could just leave it running. 

Well, he has since found the leak in the ground, so it is not running constantly any more.  However, I am still having to go down and fill up the tank when it empties (but only every few days or more if the people at the big house do it also), and re-prime the pump if the tank has run all the way down so that the pressure will build back up.  And, he installed a valve up by the tank, so I don’t have to walk all the way out to the road to turn it on anymore, but just down to the pump house again. 

It was funny to me that when the landlord would come out to work on something, he would turn the water on, call up to my house and say, “Hey, I’m down here working and turned on the water for you, so use as much water as you want, take showers, whatever!”  I wish you could hear his tone of voice…it was almost like a kid being proud of doing something good, like a landlord is being magnanimous to allow his tenants the use of all the water they want, which, I suppose, in some cultures would be true!  He’s the kind of guy it’s tough to be mad at, because he always seems like he’s really trying.

So, this is me, eagerly awaiting and grateful for the consistency of a city water line.

Cabin Adventures (aka “Tragic Mouse Tales”)

I told you a little about my cabin in “Letting the Cabin Out of the Bag,” so I figured that it was time to start sharing a little more.  Here are a couple of pictures of my little cabin in the woods.



There she is!  Well, as you can see, it really fits the bill for “Little Cabin in the Woods.”  And my experiences here so far readily verify this! 

One of the first fun things was the mice.  When I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets before I began unpacking, I noted a significant amount of mouse droppings.  I wasn’t really surprised.  I mean, it’s in the woods, and I don’t know how long it had been since the last person lived here.  I cleaned very well, don’t worry.  AND I put down shelf liner.  Well, all of that took so long that I did not get to unpacking the kitchen on the same day.  So, the next day, when I began to put things on the shelves, I could not help but notice that there were NEW mouse droppings on TOP of the shelf liner.  Ahhh, so this makes it a little different.  It’s not left from past mice.  It’s current mice!  So, of course, I go and get some mouse traps.  (Sorry to all who are disturbed by this.)  I put them out in the shelf where I saw the new droppings, and in the two adjacent cabinets as well.  Three or four days passed.  No mice.  Hmmm.  Now, why would they be there the first night, and never again for four days?  Unless they are very smart mice, and know how to avoid multiple traps.  I was perplexed, but happy not to see or hear any more evidence of them. 

I should now mention that there was also a monstrous leak under the kitchen sink.  And when I say “leak,” I mean that all the water you ran through the faucet subsequently ran out of the ubend underneath.  ALL of it.  (Thankfully, this has since been repaired.)  So, I had a nice 5-Gallon bucket to catch the water, which had to be emptied frequently.  And one night, I am about to wash the dishes, and figure I should empty the bucket first.  I pulled the bucket out (you know where I am going with this, don’t you?), and thought, “What is that lump?  Nothing that big would fit down the drain.”  Of course, then I take a closer look, and realize that it is the carcass of a small, drowned mouse.  Ewwwwww.  Then as I am looking, yet another body floats lazily up beside the first.  DOUBLE ewwwww.  Two drowned mice in my leak-catching bucket.  Poor guys…the water in it probably smelled like food scrapings from dinners gone by.  Diving in expecting to find paradise, and…well, I needn’t continue.  The tragedy is apparent.  Shakespeare could do it justice.

On the upside, there has been no more evidence of mice.  Who needs traps?!

The Best Cat Toy

This is it:


“What is it?” you may ask.  Well, true to cat nature, my kitty picked it himself.  He does not do this very often, so I don’t like to deny him when he does.  It was a nice bow on a pretty package.  He began chewing on it, and by the time I found it, it was so far gone it didn’t matter.  So, I let him play with it and it began to unravel.  (Don’t worry…there were no staples, I checked.)  It’s been out and fully unraveled as such for a couple of weeks now, and he still chews on it even if I am not trying to get him to play with it.  But when I pick it up and actually try to get him to play, he gets going like I haven’t seen him do since he was a little bitty crazy thing.  I think it’s because it unraveled in two strands so there are multiple things to chase, and the way the ribbon is cut makes it move in unexpected patterns…plus its a heavy ribbon, so it falls quickly.  Anyway, he LOVES it.  If I make it fly up into the air, he jumps up after it.  Here are a couple of pictures of him playing with it.  Unfortunately, the flying pics are hard to get while you are wielding the ribbon and the camera at the same time, unless you have a photographer handy, and I don’t.



Squirrel Treasures

At one point, when I was still living in my old place, I decided that I was going to have a garage sale.  I gathered everything up and had it all ready to go, but it ended up not happening when I thought it would.  So, I put everything up in the attic.  This included a plastic bag with some shoes in it. 

Well, I ended up having the sale about a month later, so I brought everything back down.  Bear in mind, it had only been up in the attic for that month.  As I was bringing things down and verifying the contents of various plastic bags, I saw something in the bag of shoes that caught my eye.  There was something in the shoe.  Just in one shoe.  I pulled it out, and this one shoe was stuffed full of popped popcorn, string and blue beads.  I cracked up laughing as I pictured a little squirrel proudly carrying his popcorn and string and blue beads into the attic and subsequently stuffing it into my shoe.  I almost felt bad at that point, taking his treasures away.  But not bad enough to give him the shoe. 

I thought the story was over, but then last week I pulled out one of the hollow wooden door pieces I get free from a lumber company to paint.  When I stood it up on end, things started falling out.  Mostly popcorn and insulation.  Poor little squirrel.  I probably took his winter stash!

So, if you’re ever wondering what squirrels treasure, now you know.  Popcorn, string, blue beads and insulation. 

My Journey to Vegetables

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ve probably read about my CSA boxes of vegetables.  Well, today I’m going to tell you about my long trip to attain this much sought after box of vegetables. 

The pick-up for my veggies is on Thursday, between 4:15 and 5:15.  Yes, you read correctly.  I have exactly one hour to pick my vegetables up.  Usually I can make this happen because my jobs are so flexible.  But sometimes, I don’t want to turn down a good day’s work just so I can pick them up.  Such was the case in this instance.  I had to work all day on Thursday, morning and night. 

In the past, I had a friend who was in the same CSA group, so I could just have her pick up mine as well with very little inconvenience to her.  However, now I am doing a winter CSA with a different farm as the other one ended, and she chose not to participate.  So, it’s all me.  When considering my options for what to do, I thought about asking a friend to go get them for me.  I have a couple who live not too far from the pick-up location.  However, the time window is so small…with my summer CSA, I had 3 hours.  I hate to make anyone who is just getting off of work drive extra during rush hour, possibly having to hurry in order to get there before the pick-up ends.  Besides, the two friends who live closest and I feel comfortable asking are the two friends that I somehow always end up asking favors of.  Although I’m sure they would not want me to feel this way, I feel like I am favored out.  And so, I opted to contact the farm and ask if I could do some sort of alternate pick-up arrnangement rather than chance inconveniencing a friend.

The lady from the farm said they had a pick-up today (which was Tuesday) in ________, TN or I could just come to the farm and pick it up there.  After I told her where I lived, she said the farm was probably closer and so she commenced with directions. 

I knew it wasn’t close, but when I got off the phone and did my yahoo map search (mapquest is consistently incorrect), I discovered that this was going to take me [approximately] 1 hr. and 21 minutes.  Hmmm.  Not really what I wanted to do with my day off – spend 3 hours (round trip) picking up vegetables, you know.  However, I had already arranged it, and they were doing me a favor by offering the option and I hated to call back and change what I had just set up.  I resigned myself to it, and upon realizing I was going to be driving on the Natchez Trace (official scenic drive, no trucks allowed, mostly 40 mph speed limit) for 30 miles, I decided I would just enjoy it like I was purposefully taking a scenic drive. 

I drove and drove through the hillside, and finally was somewhere around one mile from the farm, according to what I understood of the directions, anyway, when I received a phone call.  From the farm lady.  There was a problem with my box.  It got sent with her husband to __________, TN by mistake.  Oops!

At this point, I not only have to go further than the farm would have initially been anyway, but I have gone about 30 miles out of the way.  I wasn’t mad…I mean, I caused the confusion by changing the routine up in the first place.  That’s what I get for being difficult.  And attempting to be self-sufficient. 

And so, the directions commence again.  Farm lady’s directions the first time were sketchy.  For example: “Go to _________, TN and take Hwy ______.” ____________, TN was a town to which I have never been.  And also, “Take every possible right after that turn until you see a big red barn.”  Does this include driveways?  I was confused already and I hadn’t even started driving.  Hence, the reason I went to yahoo maps.  Only now I am [approximately] 1 hour and 21 minutes from my house.  No yahoo maps here. 

I listen to farm lady’s new directions.  Follow this road until you turn right on nameless highway.  When you get into ___________, TN, turn right on the “main road”.  When you get to the street “where you would turn left if you were going to the square,” [Oh, the square in said town where I have never been!] turn right instead.  Then, of course, there is the obligatory church where you turn.  This is understood in the South.  All directions must include turning somewhere at some church.  I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.  It might even be in the Bible.

I have been pretty hard on farm lady.  I say this because, amazingly, I had absolutely no trouble whatsoever finding the pick-up location in __________, TN.  Thanks, farm lady.  I’m sorry I doubted you. 

I also should tell you that by this point, I have been driving for about 2 hours and I have REALLY got to pee.  So, I’m thinking I’m going to run up the the vehicle, get my veggies and then go to the nearest store that looks like it might have a bathroom.  I turn in to the parking lot, and see my farm guy.  And then I see the news camera.  And the reporter.  They’re in the middle of an interview with him.  I pull in and watch the interview taking place in my rearview mirror.  Besides the fact that it seemed rude to run up in the middle of their interview with the camera rolling, I spent the first part of my day staining the unfinished wood trim in my bathroom.  And I looked like I spent the first part of my day staining the unfinished wood trim in my bathroom.  And I possibly looked like I had spent every day of my life staining the unfinished wood trim in my bathroom.  It wasn’t pretty.  There was no way I was going to risk appearing on any newscast anywhere. 

I waited.  And waited.  And waited. 

Oh, all right, it was only 10 minutes.  But have you ever had to watch a farmer get interviewed when you had to pee super-bad and you just thought you were going to get to pee within the next 5 minutes? 

I didn’t think so.  Moving on…

That’s really about the end of the saga.  Without further incident, I picked up my vegetables, went to a gas station which turned out to have working restrooms although both restroom doors had “Out of Order” signs on them, and “bought” my restroom visit with a bag of chips.  (Am I the only person who feels it necessary to do this?  I can’t just go in to use the restroom; I feel like I am taking advantage.  So, I ‘buy’ my bathroom trips by purchasing something cheap that I really do not want.) 

Picking up my vegetables turned out to be a four hour venture.  I don’t think that I would have said to myself, “Self, I think it’s the best idea in the world for you to spend four hours of your day picking up your vegetables.”  But then you would not have gotten to read my lovely story.  And I wouldn’t have gotten to take a nice drive in the country.  And I wouldn’t have learned to trust farm lady.  Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t have gotten my vegetables. 

That said, to the friends of whom I spoke when I said I felt like I was favored out, expect a phone call next time I cannot make it to pick up my vegetables, favored out or not.  Hey, you can always say no, right?

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