New Orleans

I went to New Orleans for a couple of days while I was out of town a few weeks ago.  I was visiting my brother, and they don’t live in New Orleans, but he had to be there for a real estate training.  (They’ve just moved, and he’s changing careers.)  People have asked me how New Orleans was.  Being from Louisiana, you would think I’d have a good comparison to before Katrina.  However, I have only been there three other times before, and during only one of those trips was there any sightseeing whatsoever done.  So, I don’t have much of a comparison, but I can tell you what I thought and felt.  It seemed sad…like a whole city of sadness, but with a facade of light-heartedness that seems put on for tourists…like a carnival crew trying to make people laugh when they’re barely capable of laughing themselves (maybe I’m being dramatic, but that’s how it felt to me).  It felt like we were in one of those futuristic movies where the people are walking around in New York City, only the whole thing’s been reduced to ruin and rubble, and you can only recognize a landmark here or there.  It tugs at your heartstrings if you let it.  There is still a lot of beauty there, but it is incongruously placed immediately next door to the destruction, which if you have read my Snow, God, Reality blog, you can see I do not think is really so incongruous.  It’s just the way life is.  Anyway, because of my preference to remember the beauty and capture the beauty, that is what I took pictures of, and I’ve included a few here.  Click on them if you want to see them larger!  And, yes, I know that the arrangement of my photos is a bit shoddy…maybe I’ll figure out how to do better next time.