Thinking Blogger Awards

Thanks to my friend Ariah at Trying to Follow  for nominating me for this…I’m humbled he thinks I make him think.  Having been tagged for this, I am in turn supposed to list 5 blogs that make ME think.  Is it copping out if I tell you to look at my blogroll?  Most of them are friends of mine in real life that I know to be Godly people and trust that their wisdom will come through in their words.  (I do read them myself as well; I realize that statement sort of makes it sound like I don’t even read them.)  I just haven’t done a lot of hunting blogs down, although I have added one that is a person I only know in blog-world, and that is “God is a Warrior.”  So, to see my thinking bloggers, check out my blogroll…they’re all there!!  Thanks again, Ariah.