Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Nanny-ing Too Much

1. People have to tell you when you have Blue’s Clues stickers stuck to your pants.

2. You tell more stories about your nanny kids than most of your friends tell about their own.

3. “Boo-boo” and “potty” have become part of your regular vocabulary.

4. The theme song from “Little Einsteins” is frequently stuck in your head.

5. The kids you are nanny-ing call you “mommy” on a regular basis.

6. You use your sweater as a kleenex when there are none available.

7. You count chasing the kids around the house as exercise.

8. You eat what the kids left on their plate and consider it a meal.

9. “Nap-time” means you get to fall asleep on the kid’s floor while they play in their bed.

10. You think you have to decide between peanut butter & jelly or macaroni when you start thinking about what you want to cook for dinner.